First off i appologize if this is in the wrong forum. i searched for a topic like this and couldnt find one. so heres the point post your tone here. im talking what kind of amp, amp settings, what kind of pedals, pedal settings, guitars, guitar pickups..................you get the point.

for my distortion i mostly play punk stuff( ie blink 182, afi......) so i use the distortion channel on my marshall AVT50 but i put the gain at about 8 oclock, treble at 2 oclock, mid at 3oclock, bass at 1:30 oclock so i basically i use my gain channel as a clean channel. then i use my ds-1 with tone at 1:30 oclock lol and the drive at 11oclock. my govnor is at 3 oclock gain and the other knobs vary constantly. my guitars are my fender esquier GT w/ a SD invader(thats my punk guitar). my epi les paul custom for classic rock stuff. My epi dot for my clean jazzy jeff beck stuff. and my highway 1 for alternative like the cure, U2.....................yah i want stuff like that.
I play blues so.......

Guitar- 57 Gibson les Paul with 2 SH-55 Seth lover pick ups.
Acoustic-Epiphone J-200 with Martin 12's
Picks-Dunlop Big Stubby 3.0m
Strings-Ernie Ball Slinky 9's
No pedels/effects
Amp-Vox AD30VT and peavey 5150
Settings change depending the song i'm playing.
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dod 250, drive at 0, volume at 100 clean sound
rat od for dirty

all through a really punchy 30 watt tube
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Carvin CT3
Digitech GNX3
Peavey Classic 30
Lets see here...

I use a Peavey 212 Transtube (just for a little bit longer) and I run it through two 15" MTX speakers so it can handle all the low end I give out. I use a Digitech Metal Master and I turn the morph and high to about 3o'clock and the low all the way and the level depends on how loud I turn the amp up. I only use two electric guitars. My favorite, now don't laugh, is an old Hondo and I decided it was time to fix it up since I believe its around twenty years old if not older so I put a pair of EMGs in it (Zakk Wylde set) and gave it a custom paintjob of a badass demon/gargoyle. I plan on putting another set of EMGs in my other guitar soon. Its a Epiphone Goth Explorer. But thats about all, I get a pretty nice tone its real low and real crunchy all at the same time and I don't tune down so it's real good.
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Picks-Dunlop Big Stubby 3.0m

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basically i dont really have my own sound, but with the help of the m-audio black box, i just recall a setting i previously made(i have accurate ones from Billy Corgan to Buddy Guy and everything inbetween) and go from there.

but before that when i just used a little vox pathfinder, i made some nice settings like:

oh and my tele control plate is sorta upside down if your confused
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TONE: Heavy and Deep. A mix between Blindside/the Used I think.

GEAR: See Sig


jk Im too lazy to write down all three channels lmao
I play various forms of rock. Classic, pop-rock, hard/modern rock, hardcore, prog.

Guitar: Gibson SG Standard with stock pickups (490R Alnico magnet in neck and 498T Alnico magnet in bridge). Tone and volume of both pickups almost always at 10. D'addario 11's and Jimmy Dunlop 1mm black picks

Amp: Orange Rocker 30 w/ footswitch. Clean channel has only volume so volume is set wherever I need it at any time. Dirty channel, the gain is usually about 12 o'clock for a slightly edgier classic rock tone, but it changes depending on what I need to play. Bass: 3:00 Mids: 1:00 Treb: 3:00.

Holy Grail reverb and Fender PT-75 tuning pedal are all I'm using now but I also have: Jimmy Dunlop wah (forget the model). Digitech Whammy, Boss GE-7.
Gibson SG Standard
Orange Rocker 30 combo
Fulltone OCD
EH Holy Grail
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Think Fat...two rock jade with 2 tubescreamers between my guitar and the amp.
Epiphone Les Paul Studio
Boss Metalzone
Peavey Bandit

I like my SRV tone,

Bass: 5:30 (Full)
Mid: 3:00
BD-2 (I know he used a tubescreamer)
Level: 12:00
Tone: 3:00
Gain: 12:00
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Guitar and amp, no more than that

But my squier and my cabinet sucks so my full tone is only at 50%

(IMO : Amp 50%/ GUitar 25%/Cabinet25%)

Aria Pro II Knight Warroir. It has a Swineshead Warthog in the bridge, stock middle singlecoil and an EMG SES mini-hum in the neck. I can get ****in great cleans and mean distorted sounds.
I have a Vox AD15VT, and its great! For myself I usually go for the Nu-Metal amo model (Recto) and have the following settings:
SLIGHT COMPRESSOR, just to lift the sound a bit. I wanna mix a bit of reverb when I get a Comp pedal. I use my Boss DS-2 as a tone boost for Metal.
my tone?

this is my bedroom tone

Gain Volume-7
Gain- Dimed
Treble- Dimed
Mids- 0
Master- 3.5
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i have three tones i guess.

i play blues and rock type songs so my first tone is for blues.

i use my Boss Ds-1 distortion pedal and depending on how loud i play dictates how much distortion i use. usally anywhere from 0 to the middle point and sometimes all the way. tone on the pedal is full. tone knob for neck pickup is set to 10. i play a samcik malibu for now. sometimes ill use the neck/middle pickups for a different, thiner tone.

for my rock type stuff sometimes what i like to do is turn the slector switch to the middle/bridge pickup and turn the tone for that to 0. after this it also varys on how much distortion i use. usuall around 3/4 to full out. other than that ill just set my samick to the bridge pickup which is good for pinch harmonics and hammer ons and stuff like that. also i like to play through a bass amp although my amp at home is not one.
erm i have my main tone for hardcore/metalcore/"w/e the f*ck its called these days"-core, which is a line 6 uber metal pedal, insane channel naturally:
Gain: max
(not in "o"clock)
Treble: 6
Mids: 7-8
Bass: 8
scoop: 3
Thats my tone, combined with my ebay'd parts guitar (mahogany body, maple neck) and bill lawrence XL-500 gives a pretty awesome sound.
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I don't...
Crunch sounds:
Amp: Marshall JCM900
Guitar: Les Paul, full tone and volume, bridge pickup
Channel: B (distortion channel)
Treble: 10
Middle: 10
Bass: 5
Pedal: None

Fat lead:
Amp: Marshall JCM900
Guitar: Les Paul, full volume, no tone, neck pickup
Channel: B (distortion channel)
Treble: 10
Middle: 10
Bass: 5
Pedal: Ibanez TS-9, tone and level full, no drive

Bluesy sounds:
Amp: Marshall JCM900
Guitar: Strat, full tone and volume, neck pickup
Channel: A (clean channel)
Treble: 5
Middle: 5
Bass: 8
Reverb: 5
Pedal: None or Big Muff for fuzz.
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i have a gibby LP standard going into a twin reverb. nice and fat for my blues and jazz (half of what i play). then, wheni want ot take it up to classic rock or maybe as "distorted" as creed, i use a keeley modded rat or BD-2.

the rat is what i use mostly, it can go from mild to heavy distortion all the way to fuzz with a flick of a switch and some knobs adjusting. the BD-2 is use for blues and jazz leads.

like i said earlier, VERY phat tone. i wouldn't change it for anything
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Crunch sounds:
Amp: Marshall JCM900
Guitar: Les Paul, full tone and volume, bridge pickup
Channel: B (distortion channel)
Treble: 10
Middle: 10
Bass: 5
Pedal: None

Fat lead:
Amp: Marshall JCM900
Guitar: Les Paul, full volume, no tone, neck pickup
Channel: B (distortion channel)
Treble: 10
Middle: 10
Bass: 5
Pedal: Ibanez TS-9, tone and level full, no drive

Bluesy sounds:
Amp: Marshall JCM900
Guitar: Strat, full tone and volume, neck pickup
Channel: A (clean channel)
Treble: 5
Middle: 5
Bass: 8
Reverb: 5
Pedal: None or Big Muff for fuzz.

I like the way your think. I just use an SG not a LP, a Traynor YCV40T and a Blues JR, and a EHX graphic fuzz and a Visual Sound route 66. And very slight variation of your EQ but close to what your have.
Hai UG!
My super heavy sludging smash-your-face-off tone:
-Peavey Classic Chorus 2x12 w/venom speakers (anybody heard of these?)
Settings: (Bass boosted) Treble 7, Mid 8, Bass 9, Gain 6 (Clean Channel)
-B.C. Rich La Series w/ Dimarzio Tone Zones (Bridge Pickup) Tuned to drop B
-Signal Flex Super Distortion (Gain: Max, Wave: Round (Instead of Rigid)
Rich sustain on the clean channel and a bit of sparkling cleans;

ENGL Thunder 50 Reverb;

Gain 10
Bass 4
Mids 6-7

and a slight reverb


Gain 6-7
Mids 6
Treble 7
Bass 5


Gain 10 + boost
Mids 8
Treble 8
Bass 6
Reverb 8

Pedal: sometimes a Vox Wah which seems to get harmonics very easily when I use it as a filter on this amp. And a Dallas Rangemaster whenever I need even more boost.
My tone:

Clean: Fat and smooth.

Dirty: Bright and powerful, but gain at 6/10.

Can't be bothered with settings
A dwarf might hear you. What then?

My Music
my sound:

guitar: gibson sg standard
amp: marshall jtm 60
cab: mesa
pedals: boss sd-1, dunlop crybaby

rythem settings:

gain: 10
treble: 7
mids: 3
bass: 7

lead settings:

the same as my rythem settings just with my sd-1 on
settings on sd-1 are:

level: 10
tone: 3
gain: 3

clean settings:

Bass: 9
Mid: 3
Treble: 5

and a little bit of reverb, about 3 just to make things a bit thick sounding

well thats mine
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my tone is hardcore,

marshall type sound,

full on mids,
bass around 7
treble kept low due to marshalls bein fairly trebly- maybe 3
warpig pickup gives a sweet cleans sound too, but the drive i get is super powerfull because of the mids POWERRRR, man i love my amp
o yea and reverb about 6 or 7 just to carry the sound a bit
sounds great live with a bit of volume behind it
I don't have a tone, I play lots of psychadelic noise. Radiohead, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Muse, all that kinda stuff.
Lots of beautiful noise making filter pedals.
I couldn't give a crap what settings my amps are on, or what amp I use, as long as it has an ok clean.
These go to eleven...
5150 MK 1

High input, Lead Channel.
(settings not in O'clock)
Gain - 5
Bass - 7
Mid - 4 to 5
Tre - 7
Res - 7
Pres - 8

Why have 5 ok sounds when 1 awesome is more than enough!
I just use my guitar's volume/tone to change the sound. It cleans up nicely with the guitar volume on about 2.
Chorus (some cheap chorus pedal i got at target, which amazingly sounds really badass)
Rate: 6
Depth: max
Amp: Fender M-80 Reverb clean Channel
Low: 5
Mid: 8
High: 7
Reverb: Max

Dirty (heavy metal/punk)
EH Metal Muff
Low: 6
Mid: 8
High: 5
Distortion: Max
Top Boost (when engaged): 7
Rate: 7
Depth 7
Amp (clean channel)
Low: 5
Mid: 5
High: 5
Reverb: 10
(my Metal Muff have better EQ than my amp so i just use it instead of my amps EQ)
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Tele FMT (Pearly Gates and Sh59), Roland Cube 60
Dirty Rhythm:
Pickup: Bridge
Channel : Lead (R-Fier)
Guitar: Full Tone, Full Volume
Treble: 7
Mid: 3
Bass: 9
Gain: 7.5 - 10 (depends on the song really)
Dry Sound

Dirty Lead
Pickup: Bridge
Channel: Lead (5150 Metal Stack)
Guitar: Full Knobs !!
Treble: 6
Mid: 4
Bass: 7
Gain: 8
Delay at 800ms

Clean 1
Same as Rhythm Dirty, but using the JC Clean channel

Same as Lead Dirty, but using the Lead (Fender Blackface) setting
Gain 3.5

I only have one amp so, I either switch between the Dirty Rhy and the Clean 1, or the Lead and the Clean 2......... depends on the song really !!

If I have the money, I'll go with the Soldano SLO100 for the Rhythm Sounds, the Uberschall for Leads, and the Fender Twin Reverb fo cleans !!
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

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