Hey everyone,

I've been playing guitar for about 5 years. Almost all this time I've played electric, having no interest in the acoustic, but lately Im getting extremely sick of carrying around amps every where I go, so the obvious solution, it was time to learn acoustic.

So I went and bought an acoustic guitar. A Walden Natura 560, put some new strings on it, fixed the action, all that. Then I sat down with a tab of a what should be a simple easy song (Moonlight Sonata) and behold....

Mine fingers, they function not! The are suddenly grossly inaccurate, missing the most simple of changes, and fingerpicking seems to be a non-existant skill for me. Hmm....I look at the possible problems.

Finger strength? I have lots, as I play heavy strings on my hollowbody, but lights on the acoustic. It doesnt seem to be hard to fret anything. Co-ordination I have lots of, as I've been playing for some time.

I attempt the peice on my electric, and I can play it fine, so I switch back to the acoustic, still having problems. Fretboard width maybe? The artcore is definately wider...so...

I arrived on the only thing I think of. String spacing. I play (for electric) an Ibanez Artcore TM-71 and it has a wide string spacing. I tried out my friends Epi Les Paul, which has much narrower space between strings, and I had trouble playing it as well. It was like I suddenly went back 3 years, playing all around sloppy. So this must be whats wrong, the narrower neck/string spacing on the acoustic.

I guess my question is, has anyone had this problem other than me? If so how long did it take you to adjust to this new string spacing? I have been playing this acoustic religiously for 3 weeks now, and have noticed little to no improvement? Are there any relatively easy fingerpicking exercises around that can help me build some "new fretboard" coordination?

Thanks in advance.
hmm... I use my dad's acoustic he got from a sears catalog in the 70's and I can play it fine

I say practice and you'll probably eventually get used to it.
yea...i remember when i first started playin acoustic I couldn't fret as good as I wanted compared to the electric cause the strength/endurance in the fingers wasn't there. Eventually you get used to it and you'll be playing it like its nothing. Just takes some getting used to.
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Spacing is probably it more than anything. Plus it's a different guitar and you're playing in a different style. Although your brain understands the concepts, you still have to create new pathways by practicing and getting used to the new instrument.
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you might want to try a classical. its got a much wider neck and string spacing
i have my dads acoustic from Berkeley and a classical i got in spain
i used to only use the acoustic, but when i broke a string and was too lazy to fix it that instant, i picked up my classical and found it was much easier to play.
but keep practicing and eventually you'll get it =]
Punkfish is right. New guitar, new style, and new string spacing = difficult to play.

You have 5 years working against you. 3 weeks is pretty short by comparison. Just give it a little more time.
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just gotta get used to it. You'll get better in no time.
My main axe has XJ frets and If I play a guitar on which the strings are very close toghether (like a strat) it's very very difficult for me to play something on it. You're not the only one with this problem :P
OK. Thanks for the answers guys. Glad to see I'm not the only one who has had this happen. Since I last posted, I switched from Martin Lights to D'Addario Mediums, and this has seemed to help A LOT. The guitar is feeling much more natural now, could be I'm just becoming used to it though.
I think that adapting to fingerpicking will be the most difficult part, i no for sure that i cannot for the life of me play the simplest of picked pieces with a plectrum, i need to use all three of my fingers and I even find strumming with a plectrum unnatural as i feel disconnected from the instrument.

After all the string spacing is to enable easier fingerpicking on an acoustic I think? So stick at it with the practice on your right hand especially and you'll be fine!