overlooked band, theyre amazing. i want to go see them in sept. but im going visiting to some colleges.. w/e mabye i can catch the thursday night show .

so anyone else a WSP fan?

better than wolfmother.
Pretty good band.
I'd say better than wolfmother, they're really overlooked.
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the reason i said that is because everyone obsesses over certain bands "bringing back the classic rock sound". **** that. there are lots of bands that bring that Style back, and are better than all those classic rock rip-off bands like jet, wolfmother, velvet revolver (not classic rock but stupid generic "rock" ****).

you want to look for talented bands?

check out widespread panic, phish, moe, the string cheese incident, and umphrey's mcgee. all jambands, but they all completely blow alot of most modern rock bands out of the water in terms of talent and awsome shows..