hey everybody. besides guitar, i play drums in my band Our Weight In Gold. i got a first act drum set in my basemnt, and a fasttrack usb. whats the best way to record some good quality beats?
I found that, atleast in a large room, having the mic about 7 ft off the ground, to the left of the bass drum, and leaning almost directly over the drummer provided a pretty balanced sound. That was on a First Act, as well. But, the toms and snare did have pads on them that reduced the volume, so that was very likely a factor.
It all comes down to your basement and your mic, Led Zeppelin recorded drums for communication breakdown by, putting John Bonham downstairs (in a big mansion of course) and then putting 2 mics on the large wooden floor above him, and well as you can hear it worked a treat. Don't try this of course but its just an example of what you can do with minimal mic'ing, your best bet for recording drums would be 2 buy a cheap drum mic's set (about £50-£100) and invest in a cheap mixer. But anyways just try the mic everywhere around ur basement until you get the sound your after, even try wierd mic positioning e.g. tape it too the staircase and put your kit under lol.
When I was in my band, we started out with a mic at every drum. By the end of our run, on our last few recordings, we had reverted to two overheads and a bass drum mic. We had crappy mics and crappy drums, but the sound was still decent to sound good. Judge it for yourself:


"Chloraseptic" had a snare mic, "Tripping" didn't and thus it's audible but not as overbearing.

To be honest, we tried so many different weird positions I can't remember exactly the set up of each song, but I'll say this: make sure you treat your drums. Duct tape is your friend.
Try some moon gel on your drums, just google "moon gel drums". Its basically a square block of goop that dampens out any unwanted overtones and resonance. Pure genius, that or try blue tac, or even table cloths.