And I know the mistakes that I've made. And I know that I've had to pay, I know that I've had to pay. And I'd go through it all again, just to know that I could re-live the day you walked away.

And I'd swim through the depths of the sea, and I'd fly through outer space just to see your pretty face. Oh, and I'd go to the ends of the earth just to tell you that you're worth, every step that I take, just to see your pretty face.

Oh if I could re-live that day, the day you walked away, there is one that I'll never change. The look on your face, when I told you that I loved you, right before you walked away.

Repeat Chorus

Oh and why, why did you walk away. Oh and how do I deserve this fate. Since you walked away. Oh and what, what did I do, did I do to cause you, to leave me here in pain. Oh and I miss you so. More than you could ever know. Since you walked away. And how, how can I go on knowing that you're gone. And that you're never coming home.

Yea...this is a really personal song that I wrote a few months ago. It has a few different meanings since it's about a few different events in my life. Tell me what you all think.
I don't like that you say walked away so much, it gets way too repetitive. Everything else is pretty good. Crit one of the songs in my sig?
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