Well i think most ibanez come with 9's so 8 shouldnt make much of a difference but then again you might need to do a setup.

But why would you even put on 8..
so i can bend like crazy, i know loss of tone and all. im just starting out again after 15 years not playing, so yeah. i think has 11's on there now, and they ok, my fingers are getting use to them, but something easier would be nice. perhaps 9's then?

ii heard slinkies no good with trems, is this true?
9s are easy to bend. if you've been using 11s though, you'll still need to set it up properly. going from 11s to 9s on a locking trem will be quite different.. how many springs are in the back?
i thought they were 11's they are 10's. two springs i think, not long had the guitar, strings came on it, they are corroded.
2 springs sounds right for 9s (although technically it depends on the springs)

just put 9s on and see how much it affects the trem. it needs to be perfectly parallel, so if it isn't, there are 2 screws at the back. if the trem is pulling the strings back towards the body, then you'll need to loosen those screws a little bit. do a rough retune of all the strings, see if the trem is parallel. repeat until the trem is parallel with the body and the strings are in tune. obviously the locking nut needs to be loosened/removed while you do all this.

then you'll need to stretch the strings, lock the nut and fine tune.

all Ibanez users need this bookmarked:

setting up an Ibanez locking trem guitar requires patience, but once done right, it should stay in tune for a long time.

edit: hang on.. 3 springs is the factory fitted number.. or at least it was on mine. weird.. anyway, if 2 springs could hold 10s, then they should do 9s.
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