So what are the really simple things you guys never learned in the begining? LIke Smells Like Teen Spirit, open chords, the Em petatonic scale, all that stuff. Bring it on! I never learned..... Stairway to Heaven! And I 've been playing for 4 years!! Oh noes!!
Smells Like Teen Spirit. thats pretty much it, i just dont like the band.

for scales, its pretty easy to just move 'em around the fretboard when you know some theory.
I know the scales, but I haven't memorized them, ya know?

Haven't learned...
Smoke on the Water (learned by ear, though)
Anything by The Who, The Beatles, etc. etc.
I didn't learn my chords till alst month, and I;ve been playing for near two years.
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i havent really learned any solos. i learned one solo in the begining and from then on i was obsessed with making my own so thats all i did was learn scales and how to use them. i also never learned sweet home alabama. i know the chords but thats it.
I havent learnt many scales just the simple odd pentatonic here and there, i learnt smells like teen spirit as my friends were making out like its hard and it took me 10 minutes to be able to play it fully, i've only leanrt the intro to stairway lol
I don't play Paradise City... I just can't seem to motivate myself to play that.
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I don't really know any chords. I know scales, and how chords are made, but I don't have any chords memorized. I never use them, so I just sort of forgot what little that I knew.
Smoke on the Water is a great beginner riff. I still like playing it once in a while. Stairway to Heaven is coool. I only know the beginning, I need to learn more of it I know.

The Scorpions, Rock You Like a Hurricane is another great beginner riff. TRY IT.