*Do not be offended by this song, it's all in good fun.*

Verse Uno:
I was abducted by aliens just the other night,
It was late, I was asleep, so I could not fight,
They probably examined my brain, probably took out my spleen,
You had better keep in mind these aliens weren't green

I was abducted by illegal aliens
I was taken migrant Mexicans x2

Verse Dos:
ALl I had to do was give 'em a buck forty five,
And they let me go, a little shook up but alive,
I tried to tell the papers but they wouldn't believe,
My family thinks I'm crazy, for my sanity they grieve


Verse Tres:
I'm not a rascist, don't care 'bout the color of your face,
But when I order a Big Mac, I don't wanna hear "no hablo ingles",
If I offended you I apologize dearly,
But let me say it once more, loudly and clearly.


The End

Please do not be offended. thank you for your cooperation
Thanks. I don't really like Blink182 but I do agree that it has that sound. We'll make it cool.
^ wow lol...ill do a full crit in about 5 mintes, but while you wait, would you mind checking out one of mine? the links are in my sig, doesnt matter whic one.
Quote by Smoothrider_41
wow. nice. lol

i miss blink 182 =(

no worries, we forgive you.
lol, they were the only good gay power/pop punk band left. and now there gone, and all there is is gay charolette, and simple plan. i want to slit both bands throughts
lol, God another politically incorrect song. This is f*cking hilarious! Dude, you can be next Weird Al, but without the covers, or the next Bloodhound without the sex anxiety attacks. Great job, really funny.
I personally don't think there ever were any good gay power pop punk bands. How many of them can there be anyway, the label is so specific.

Anyway, sorry i cant do a full crit, my computer keeps frezzing, but heres what i can do.

Holy Sh**, that is funny, poor mexicans lol. Anyway, i cant really comment on conventional stuff like flow and ryme and all, but i will say this, this is really really good, like drunknnmunkey said, you could be the next weird al.

Mind checking one of mine? either one, it doesnt matter
Thank you very very much for the Weird Al comparison. We are honored with lots of honor