Well, I hope this is the right forum but:

Lately when I solo, over any progression (except for when I solo over Four on Six) the solo follows the 12 Bar Blues... If I try to stop it it just sounds terrible... The upside is if I jam in 12 bar blues, it's pretty good, lol... But really though, what can I do to get my solo's to actually match the progression?

Oh, also when I try to match the progression, I can come up with like... One lick... over and over and over again... its terrible!!! I've been brainwashed!!!!!
I have the same problem whereas my mind has been poisoned with those goddamn pentatonic scales and they don't match and it sucks
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Simple learn more licks!!! Learn some of the licks from the freebird solo and use some of them. listen to and learn more guitar solos as that (imo) is the only way to increase ure "lick libary"
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