I've been playing guitar for a year.. I am self taught and its sooooo confusing... I haven't been practicing a lot and the furthest I've learned is just barre chords... I don't even know the names of all the chords I play...
What is chromatic and mixolydian?? Are those types of scales??

How'd you learn so much? How long do you practice everyday?
(I'm trying to get in the habit of practing more often..)

How long did it take learn how to sweep pick and to tap?

Sorry if this is a lot of questions... But I'm totally lost
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a Chromatic scale is a scale going up by half steps, if you're this confused then I wouldn't even worry about the mixolydian scale right now.

I learned so much because I've been playing for years and acquired the knowledge since I started.

I haven't been able to practice that much lately but I would say about an hour or two a day is good to practice.

I'm not too good at sweep picking and tapping, never really tried it.

Hope that helps somewhat. I'm sure other people'll come along and help you more than I but it's off to bed with me.
Buy The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory. Then buy a guitar book with a CD. That will help you a LOT
Ive self taught myself for 2 years now, and ive made some what of a decent progress..but seriously? i think im gunna have to go take some classes. because as decent as my progess is, its nowhere near the progress I could be making by having somebody there thats teaching me different scales and explaining different methods and such..so my advice to you is to enroll in some classes. OR just buy some books and movies and stuff and keep teaching yourself.
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ive been playing guitar for about 11 months, im self taught, and my friends get mad at me because im better than them and theve been playing for 3-4 years. just learn the easy stuff first i started out with intros to blink 182 songs than worked my way up. i usally practice for about two hours a day or more. and i dont know the names of chords eaither so dont worry about it. just keep playing and a good song to learn to tap is "lip gloss and black" by Atreyu
i also dont think you should take lessons until after you learn guitar because if you do youll form to the kind of sound and style your teacher is but after you learn guitar i think it would be a good idea to go and learn to read music and get to know the notes

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Lip Gloss and Black by Atreyu. The song that solves all problems. (Just kidding, but if you can play that you can tap, solo, play powerchords, tune to a ridiculous tuning (and innevitably back up to a less ridiculous tuning), and play arpeggios (kinda) at a respectible level)

Get a guitar teacher. Seriously.
(By the way, the chromatic scale is litearlly a scale consisting of every note on the fretboard, built on the 12 tone system. When written out it looks like this - E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D D# E -- alough you can start it on any note)
ive been playing for 2 years i can sweep and tap and im self-taught......im taking a music theory class right now in school and i bought a guitar scale poster to hang up in my room so that when i play i could learn something new
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yeah if your running low on confidence try Atreyus "Lip Gloss and Black" and Avenged Sevenfolds "Seize the Day" (Minus the crazy sweeping at the end of the song) those songs will make you feel really good about yourself...
Lip Gloss and Black is not an easy song to learn for beginners. True, there's nothing difficult about it, but tapping is not an easy concept to grap if you can't hammer on and pull off right.
well, i say you just play what you want, and how you want, 'cause that's what music is all about, creativity.
What's creative about copying a song? Fair enough, it can help your accuracy and finger speed, but not much more, and it's also cool to know how to play songs you love, so instead of learning songs you don't really care much for, learn songs that have had an impact on you, and once you learn them, they'll sound even better. =).

I'm not going to get any guitar lessons, i plan to just self teach myself, i learn best like that. I used to take guitar lessons, my teacher was great, but i never learnt anything.
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