Does Trivium still use DSL's? 'Cause their new tone sounds different compared to Ascendancy.
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I here ya there, tone does sound different, it wouldnt surprise me if they did switch amps, ive seen them with XXX's, DSL's, 5150's, Modified Kranks apparently, who knows with them
haha, yeah, I was just talking about that with Genocide the other night. It sounds like they're ripping off Loomis's tone, lol. Sounds pretty good though, I kinda like James voice on it.
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is it me, or does it sound like kerry king and jeff hanneman wrote and recorded the solo to that song

and it sucks ass matt dosent use his old voice anymore.

but i think they are either using mesas or peaveys again.

EDIT: i just remembered that they said they are tryin to be the next metallica and ****, maybe they are usin stuff metallica used to use, like mesa mark v's and jcm 800's and stuff. but i dont know, i havent heard that song in a while
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im gunna put money down on a 5150 or 6505..it just sounded dark to me? i dont know tho...Mesa is also a very good possibility as mentioned..
i saw a mesa, in there rig in rock am ring. check it on youtube it forgot what video, but im pretty sure i saw a dual recto.
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yeah its tough, still tho most bands or some anyways dont use the same setup live as they would recording, so itll be tough to tell, corey and amtt have a column in GW, so im sure theyll have some info soon closer to the release of the crusade
Ya it looks like they are still using marshalls from that video but who cares that new song blows i hope the album is better. If they want to be the next metallica this song is not going to take thewm there as it is crap.
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There was an Interview in Total Guitar a while back and they said they were using some of the "New Marshalls" which I guess are the JCM 3000s.
My guess would be trivium is using (wait for it) more than one amp. like, multitracking, in their studios. funny isn't it? that a band on a major record would use more than one amp?

Seriously. no bands like Trivium use just one amp, which is why their live tone sucks.
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Well I hear that Corey uses a Krankstein, and Matt has used a JCM 2000, Peavy XXX. They have switched to Dean guitars, so that may affect their sound.