Ok i have 2 tube amps and i need to know this... when you turn it on, do you put the switch marked "standby" on first and wait to put the "on/off" switch on? or do you put the on/off switch up so the amp is turned on, and then put the standby switch on? i thought i have been doing it right but then i saw an engineer do it differently and now i am confused.
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Turn the main power switch on. Wait a minute or two for the tubes to warm up. Then turn off stand-by.
so its power 1st then standby then wait a min or 2 and turn the standby off?
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Quote by Cadd99
Turning on: Stand-by on then hit power, let it warm up, and turn it off stand-by.

Turning off: Put stand-by on (to get it ready for the next time you turn it on) then turn it off.

So before you wanna play something on guitar, standby should already be on from last time, so you basically hit the power on, let it warm up and then turn off standby, then before shutting down turn standby on and turn the main power off?
Let's try this a different way: The standby switch should be set so that you won't get any sound when the amp is turned on. Turn the amp power switch on. At this point you won't get any sound... After a minute or two switch the standby and you will be able to get sound.

Reverse the process when you turn your amp off. It isn't necessary to do this, but you will be all set for the next time.
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POWER ON. . . . wait 1 or 2 minutes. . . . . STANDYBY OFF. . . . play the guitar. . . finish playing guitar. . . . . STANDBY ON. . . . . . wait. . . . . . POWER OFF