I'm not done yet, crit and if necessary rip it apart

distorted and fast

Suprise! they have you
awoken in the middle of the night
your parents sleep in remorse
reassuring themselves its allright.

taken against your will
handcuffs behind your back
flying to and island where
your brain will be left blank

lying on your back
eating maggoty bread
you eat it
and wish you were dead

clean, and chorused guitars

no one is free
they've all lost their sanity
and all for the sanctity
and dear lady liberty

the day has come
you are free to go
and you exit an empty shell
void of a soul
I'm back. No-one knew I left anyway. Do you even know who I am?
Haha bumps are against the rules and you say "bump" you'd have been better off PMing me first though.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.