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Describe your ideal guitar, whether it is made or just in your imagination. You can be as discriptive and detailed as you like, or as blank as you want...

My ideal guitar right now would be a white Gibson doubleneck SG with a pink paisley pickguard from warmoth(that actually my next build
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Well the sexiest guitar for me is the Schecter C-1 Hellraiser, it looks great in black cherry color
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Aw, dammit, I thought this was about the "half-naked chicks giveaway" with the pictures of guitars...

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what the hell you have 3 guitars and yet you dont know how to do power chords may god have mercy on your soul.
an eight string gibson Flying V with a floyd rose bridge and emgs, and y not 28 frets?
my very own custom made guitar..... with a quilt top.. o and since u mentioned sexiest guitar i bet u anything someone will post the wangcaster in here
I would like to have a dark Tangerine Ibanez RG. I don't think they have ever made an RG in that color. But I may paint my grey RG321 that color one day.
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I always thought a Tempest was damn sexy too. Then I saw one in real life and it seemed really awkward...probably was just a dud or something.

I find that with all schecters. They look cool but in life they just look.. tiny.. and akward..
ok, maybe not the most rare, but c'mon, its damn sexy...

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I'd love to own that.. oh wait I do. 1984 MIJ Squier Strat, plays well and sound great. I'm also modding a lower end Ibanez, loosely based on a PGM800.
^^^ that is a lovely guitar, have played it, then body is beatiful, mee likeeeee.
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what?!?! why would you put a fender strat on here? seriously, if we made a "most boring and overused guitar" thread, it would be filled with them.
probably a custom ESP randy rhoads body style with a quilted top, trans amber sunburst, 2 EMGs -- one in the neck position, one in the bridge -- and a sustaniac in the middle, 24 frets, ebony oiled neck, floyd rose, all black hardware, and a reallly faint flame pattern all over the guitar that catches in the light, but is invisible looking at it head on. oooh, that would be nice.
Who was the guy who said strats a boring and overused?
Look at the link for the deluxe players strat, now that is hawt, look at a picture of a black strat with a white pick-guardm that is what you think a strat is, there are more strats than just the generic red, black or sunburst with a white pick-guard you know, IMO strats are one of the best looking guitars around
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mmmmmmmmm......... sexy
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what?!?! why would you put a fender strat on here? seriously, if we made a "most boring and overused guitar" thread, it would be filled with them.

Why do you think its overused then? No one would buy an ugly guitar right? The Fender Strat design is arguably the greatest guitar design of all time.

Anyway a sexy guitar would be Clapton's SG. It has a cool paintjob and a naked chick on it .
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strats are usually boring i find.they are too basic for a lot of people.yes i have seen some that i really like but for the most part i don't go near them.
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