i have a couple questions. when im improvising, i like to do a lot of bends, but i always find myself bending on notes in the pentatonic scale where my ring finger is used, and never where my index finger is used. is this a problem for anyone else? how can i get rid of it. also, i always hear people talkign about knowing the notes in the scales, but like when i use the pentatonic i almost never think about which notes im on, i always just play in key, and listen to resolve to the root note and just kind of find a couple spots to play when a certain chord is played. is this a problem? should i be more aware of what notes i am playing? will it help to make my playing more thoughtful, detailed?
it might help. i never know what note im playing except for the octaves and i also bend with my ring finger. It might open up ur creativity but i think the best spot for bends is with ur ring finger neways. i'm sure eventually u will learn the notes
I think it would help to be more aware of what notes you are playing and the chords tones, phrasing, etc..

For your bending problem, couldn't you just move back or forward a few frets to bend with your ring finger in a different spot?
^ i could, but when im moving around faster i cant flow well if i move my hand that far to bend that note with my ring finger.
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^ i could, but when im moving around faster i cant flow well if i move my hand that far to bend that note with my ring finger.

Maybe bend with your index finger or something? I do that a lot. It's harder, but you get used to it. Maybe trying playing the note on a different place on a different string too?
Thinking of which notes you're playing when you're playing them doesn't really matter in the pentatonic scale because it's almost impossible to play a bad note in the pentatonic scale. You might want to think of the notes you're playing when you're playing in a full-bodied scale because it's easier to hit a note that's off-key.
well as for the bending with you index, it only sounds good at certain times and on certain notes. you just have to mess around with it and find what works and what you like for your style. sometimes it just doesnt sound as good as bending with your ring just because of the box and how you are playing. i usually only do it after maybe a regular bend, and then a short little run down a string and land on that note with my index. instead of just resting or doing virbrato ill maybe bend it up a little and it just adds a bit of flavour to it.

an example is the crossfire solo by SRV. he does an index finger bend after a few notes in the start. goes like this:


the gb is a gradual bend. ill usually use it for something like that. i might also use an index bend as a quick starting note in a blues lick after a pause. so just fiddle around with it.