I don't know if this happens to anyone else or not but, sometimes the skin on my fretting hand middle finger starts to seperate from the fingernail. I think it's because i reinforce most of my bends with this finger or it is the principle bending finger. i.e. my middle finger is used in 99% of my bends. This is quite painful after awhile and obviously hinders my playing. I've been playing for about 9 years so it's something I've learned to live with but I was wondering if this happens to anyone else and what you might do to prevent it or make it easier to deal with.
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Doesn't happen to me and I use my middle finger in bends a lot as well.

Maybe you should position it differently if need be it?
...thats weird...it would happen to me when i first started playing on all of the fingers on my fretting hand...but now they are all callaced up and takes hours for them to start to tear up.
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Well that happened to me for quite awhile...SO what i did was i switched to the lightest strings possible...cut my nails (nails cause tension which can lead to separation)...get that stuff that hardens the bottom of your foot...and put it on your middle finger only...besides that theres not to much more you can do unless your willing to wear a thimble lol
Wear a thimble on your middle finger? Interesting

But yeah, maybe switch to light gauge strings. What gauge do you use now?

Are your strings "old", because that could make the string rough.
bad technique... That's my guess. When you use your middle finger to bend strings do you re-inforce it with your first finger. I always try to have a second finger helping my bends (unless they're 1/4 or 1/2 bends)
You're probably digging inbetween the skin and the nail when you're bending.

My skin ripped when I first learned tapping, but I've never had any problems with bending so its most likely your technique.
dont touch the string where your nail and finger meet. i dunno, it sounds like its your technique
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your 3rd finger(ring finger) is stronger than the middle finger so use that one to bend
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This happens to me a lot too...mostly it's when I don't trim my nails close enough, so it's my own lazy fault. I think technique has a lot to do with it, too. Take a look at the guitar principles site (I think it's guitarprinciples.com), they have some pics that show you proper fretting technique.
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