im only slighty interested in it but the kh202 is made out of basswood and has some gay ESP LH something picks ups.

anyways, i wanna know how the LFR is on that guitar, and if it would be good with a pickup swap. thanks alot.
this is an awesome guitar. i wouldn't bother changing the pickups because i did. i put a set of emg 81's in and i gotta tell you they sound the exact same as the hz-h4s that come stock on the guitar mainly because the basswood body doesnt bring out the full potential of the 81's. but the guitar sounds great even with the h4s. if you are looking seriously at buying this guitar go for the one with the unpainted neck because i got the one that is and it isn't as fast because the paint adds a little friction. for the money i think it is a good buy. the licensed floyd is good as long as you have the saddle screws on the bridge tight enough so the strings dont slip if you find that they are just tighten them some more. pretty much as long as you dont go insane on the whammy bar it will stay in tune. im sure of this because i like doing dimebags harmonic squills and if you know what those are they invole some serious whammy action. so it will hold through a few of those and then start to go slightly out of tune. so unless you plan on doing alot of stuff like that you should be good with the licensed floyd.
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DONT get it. Get a normal ESP LTD, like an MH series or something. NEaRLY THE SAME, AND YOU WONT PE PAYING FOR kIRKS NAME.

****, soz about caps-lock.
ya unless you get the 600 sig models they are crap the 202 is crap i have played it. Get a LTD M-400 or MH-400 much better or if you got the money get a m1000 it is awesome
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