I am looking for some pickups for nu-metal. I own a schecter Omen-6 I dont know if i should get passive or active pickups. so any help will be appreciated.
get a set of emgs..... doesnt matter just use the pick-ups you got now and tune to like drop c and get a death metal distortion pedal. you will be set to play nu-metal
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dude dont please..save for a tube combo for nu metal..the avts are very shat...save man please
avts do suck....

umm..id say get a set of KFK EMGs...and get a better amp...
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the avt's dont suck, they're just pretty crappy compared to tubes... they're decent compared to SS amps. the dimarzio d sonic is really good for nu metal. bands like linkin park and dream theatre (not nu metal but similiar sound at times) use them.
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he's already got a Vox.. I assume it's a valvetronix, and they're probably the best SS amps you can get. an AVT might be an improvement over an MG, but it has nothing on the Vox.
so save for a tube amp and get dimarzio X2N for the bridge and PAF Pro for the neck what about that
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if ur gonna be drop tuning , get a Dimarzio D Sonic in the bridge
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i play like drop c and b if that matters and if i get the emgs i would have more holes for the knobs right.
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