hi i posted this song before but now i added few verses
tell me what do you thing and if i have mistakes -tell me
thank you

many people stand by me
through so many people i cant see
i tried to look roung and round
couldnt see anything just stuck in the crowd

i tried to move
but they stand still
they just make you stay
they tell you how to feel

they look at you with hipnotizing eyes
try to make you one of them "aint it nice?"

but i closed my eyes
i turnd off my ears
set on the ground
fighted with my ears

stood again
looking for escape
my fears came back and ive started to shake

all the people started to go
all the people went with the flow
i dont wanna be just like everyone
i just wanna be different not another clown
i started to go againts the flow
it was kinda hard
i was afried to fall
but i didnt give up for what i belive
and now out of the flow
i have started to live
sorry but what you did is not called to crit- im not asking much just say what was interesting. why was it interesting.....
u wann me to crit??? hehehehe, okay man, prepare, it will be long!
the interestin thing is the idea of the poem itself and the way u express it, shows ur feelings and thoughts in it. Some parts as the first verse, u gotta good flow, but some not really, just put some commas where u wanna pause, it will be better and give the right intonation for the reader, it will sound more fluent...
eemm, what else? oh yeas, fix ur spelling abit, u just did some mechanical mistakes, so no worries.
the part:

but i didnt give up for what i belive
and now out of the flow
i have started to live

it is a very good ending, leaving some optimistic notes, i like it!
......i think thats enough of my comments, waiting 4 urs, chill