Well I went down to the local carnival and saw thoery of a deadman and the trews because I didnt have anything better to do. Anyways on a smaller stage after the two shows was a band called Prism. They are from the 70's and I am already familiar with some of their songs but after seeing them live I cant understand why they were not that popular. The show was far better than the other two. So I was wondering who else knows of, listens to, or has seen Prism.

and for those who dont know who they are check them out here
Hey, these guys are pretty damn good.
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I really like them but I dont know how no one else has heard of them. I had to drag my friends to the concert because not one of them knew who they were (excpet one of the girls who did a jazz dance to one of there songs as a kid) but after the show they were glad I did.