what is this technique called......
the technique which is often used by Mark tremonti....
when the guitar produces wah (too high note treble sound) without the need of wa wa peddle..
if u guyz figured it out plz tell me how to play it..
its called harmonics. there's lots of info about them all over the site.
You are most likely talking about a 'pinch harmonic'. Do a search for them If you can't find what you are looking for here there will be plenty of other websites that will tell you how to do them.
it's actually not pinch harmonic..
it's artificial harmonic
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I really didn't get what you were talking about, but... possibly you are talking about pinch harmonics(you hit the string and slightly touch it with picking thumb) and then vibrato; with natural harmonics the vibrato is made with the whammy bar. And, when he plays these harmonics , he also adds a bit of wha-wha effect.
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