so i bought it used, and after i get my new amp, i wanna mod it. first off, i want new pickups. i dont know what wood it has unfortunately, but i play lots of metal so i was thinking some EMGs. but EMGS dont shine really unless its through a tube amp, whigh hopefully i'll have before i mod this guitar. i also want to get all new hardware for it, all in black. and is it possible i can paint my trem? any possible way i can do it that will let it stay for a while?

anyways, my serial number for the guitar is B01065 i think.
thanks alot
well whats your new amp going to be?
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I'll try to hold down my lunch while contemplating a PRS Santana SE being played through a XXX...

Anyway, the guitar's made out of mahogany. All PRS guitars (including the SE series) have mahogany bodies except for the Swamp Ash. Some have figured maple caps, but the body is still mahogany for tone purposes. As far as black hardware goes, that shouldn't be a problem, although you'll probably have to get larger holes tapped in your head stock. Best way to paint your bridge - try a small section, like an individual saddle. If it sticks, you're golden. You can probably use automotive-grade spray paint/touch-up paint for that. You'll probably also want to do the pieces individually, that way paint doesn't gum up your screws from working.
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Hi, I'm Peter
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with so many people, it'd be hard for that not to be truee, right?
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