Hi... I was wondering if anyone has a tip or can help me to get a fatter and better sound from my guitar... Maybe the problem is in my gear, so here it is:

Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe (standard pickups)
Line 6 Spider II
Boss ME-50

So what can i do to get more of that Les Paul fat sound without actually changing my guitar... Is my amp the problem(because i know its quite crappy) or is it the pickups that needs a replacement?

Thanks for the help
Ya you need to look into getting a new amp that will give you a fatter tone then put some hot rails in it and it will beef it up more theres no way you will get that les paul tone out of a strat no matter how hard you work at it as a les paul has signature tone. a light alder guitar is gonna have a tough time sound as fat as a very heavey mahogany guitar with humbuckers
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There are a few things i have tried before with my strat (a shamefull squire standard) to get a fatter sound. Probably the best (and probably the most simple too) is too play around with your guitars tone control. If you lower it you will get a much deeper tone, with more bass too it. This might compensate a bit for the alder body. However, i usually found that just a single pickup on its own is not beefy enough. so perhaps try using the bridge and middle pickups together with the middle's tone control altered. This wont get a les paul sound cz obviously it is not a les paul but it will give a bit more sustain n a more bass heavy sound.
as for your amp, there is a great deal you can do with it. A friend of min owns a Spider and the tone he gets from it is amazing!! (though he does own a Yamaha EAS with a seymour duncan JB at the bridge). Really you need to mess around with your eg settings to try to find out what suits your guitar best. Believe me, that amp is not crappy at all, yeah, so maybe it is solid state but not all of us have the money for a valve amp do we lol.
My suggestion for you eq settings it to try to keep the treble around six (as strats tend to have a bright sound to them anyway), middle six as well, and then bass at around 7.
Also, it depends what amp model your using as well, like if your after a crunchy rhythm sound, i suggest you use Crunch green. Whereas if its lead your after use metal red. but they're just my personal preferences.
Anyway, the bottom line is you have to experiment with your setup quite a lot to see exactly what range of sound you can get from only the equipment at hand. Spend some time just playing around with different pickup positions and tone controals etc as well as eq settings.
If you're still not happy with your sound after all this and still do not wish to buy another guitar then i suggest you buy either a Seymour duncan Hotrails pickup (its s single-coil sized humbucker that can handle huge amounts of gain and provides lengthy sustain) or the Seymour Duncan mini-JB (has more of a tighter, punchier sound yet still has the a good deal of treble, better for classic rock stuff)
Hope this helps
yeah, as much as I dislike them, a seymour duncan hotrails might do the job.... or a DiMarzio YJM stacked 'bucker, but i dont think so....
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Try your Amp EQ, turn up the mids, more mids, more mids, more mids, more mids.

Or get some new pickups, stacked pickups(not sure on this) or other fatter SCs.
Or thicker strings, like .011s, although I use .015s and my sound is fuller than full.

Or you can even put on some compression too.

I'd put on real mild overdrive (if you have an OD pedal), almost on the line of inaudibility, it can help alot too, if you have distortion, make sure the distortiong is really really low, turn up the mids on your pedal eq though/
Use the tone modify on ME-50 select "fat" or "sc-h" or somethin like that
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Work with the amp EQ, and disable the guitars tone control. Worked for me.
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