I'm planning to buy a jackson kvx10 guitar, but I still don't know wich amplifier I should buy. I was thinking about a Marshall 15DFX, or a Line 6 spider II 30, but on the forums they don't advise them to buy, but my budget can't get over $300 for my amp...
I'm going to play Metal, so I need one with distortion, also I'm planning to buy a BOSS GT-8 distortion pedal, is this also some good gear ???
for less than 300$ you cant get an amp and a GT8 effect processor the GT8 on its own is even more so i should say for metal a boss mt2 or so
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Get a Roland Cube 15, I got one and I like it. Its plenty loud. and its only $95
I would recommend either the Cube 30 or Vox AD30VT. Guys here say the Vox doesn't do metal but I disagree, and it's very versatile. Both are under $300.
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Vox can do metal but the cube can do it better so get that. Dont get and MG or u'll be so disapointed.

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I would recommend looking at a Roland Cube 30. It'll be the best metal amp in that price range.
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