What are the differences between a C- shaped neck and V- shaped neck on a strat? (Besides the obvious)
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C is probably better if you play more chords than lead. It'll fill out your palm and hand more and there will be less fatigue.

However the V is more suited for lead, in my case at least, I can't speak for other people.

I've got a V shaped neck and it feels great, better than those bulky C's I keep hearing about, haha.
Actually, the modern C shape is the traditional Fender thin. The C is NOT a thick neck. The U shape is the deeper one. The V comes in two styles - soft (Eric Clapton sig Strat neck) and hard V (some vintage Strats). My personal preference is the U shape (the '52 American Tele reissue probably has my favorite Fender neck) or the hard V.
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Both necks are quite thick, but it's not way harder to play fast than thin necks.

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Yes yes, thank you for correcting me.

I stand corrected.

So I guess for C and V it's a feel thing.