i have a crate gt65. man, i didnt know why every one thought they sucked.. it sounds awesome. i had my first band practice yesterday.. it was embarrassing really how ****ty it was at loud volumes... nothing but "REEEEEEEEEEE" came out of the amp when i wasnt playing a note...

In a month or so i will just have enough money for a valveking 112. Is this a good choice? i think i need a noise gate to. There is one on my new ubermetal pedal i got coming.
thats my amp 2. i dont hear myself play, i hear some mexican radio station. im getting a new amp.
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Go with a used Peavey 5150 or XXX combo instead.

the 112 im getting is used. lol the xxx is just to much
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the 112 im getting is used. lol the xxx is just to much

but its worth it! I just sold my valveking and bought a peavey XXX combo for $473 on ebay. Its leaps and bounds better than the valveking. the valveking also has that annoying noise. I dont know what sort of music you play but if you want to play metal, you would need to put a overdrive pedal in the front of the VK amp and a good noise-suppressor in the fx loop. miss either of these two, you will curse the amp like anything. but the clean on the valveking is amazing when compared to the peavey XXX. But I dont play clean at all, so I dont f***ing care !!


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