And I bring you another dark vision from my mind's eye. The song is currently just instrumental, there may be lyrics added to it soon. Sit back, grab your self your favorite wine, and embrace the end times.


New song is Like Ashes, and I will crit for crit.
Listening now.. Wow man i really like that realistic violin and orchestral instruments.. reasons right?? i cant find it .. ..
Anyway.. the song is funking amazing , very dark and doomy.. I feel really depressed now.. You managed with your song to change my feeling from happy and ready to crack some heads from the thrash to misery.way to go. the piano and all the instruments sound very realistic , if only i could have that program (my songs would be good). If you have an msn and you are willing to share that program along with songs pm me.
I have nothing to add for the music you created , It is superb , flawless , spectacular , fantastic , amazing , awesome , kickasss..

Way to go man ..
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Some amazing work there. Very gritty feel to it. A tad long though.

Nice work.

Black Hearts Now Reign
My Shiz

intro sounds pretty dang cool. I like it alot. Piano/strings sound really dark and gloomy. I like when the drums/scratch sounds come in. Dark saga is right, it is a tad long. I almost see this as part of a soundtrack to a horrer/triller movie during the build-up part. I almost feel like something heavy should come in and kick my ass lol Sounds damn good. A bit long, but damn good. I like it alot. Not really too much I can say about it though besides throw you a high five.

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Flawless!. It feels like its a movie soundtrack and someone just killed my family and now I'm coming for vengence lol. You must of put a whole **** load of work into this, how long did it take to record?. My only complaint is that it sounds a bit reptetive after a while, because its such a long piece and it was the same basic theme i was waiting for some crazy ass violin/guitar solo or something, none the less
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Thank you Hammeron, I think that the repetiveness will seem less once we add lyrics to the song (which should, be done/finished by sunday. I hope).

I did put a bit of time into this song, about 2 full days of writing I think, and rewriting (lost the original file, then found it, and its a combo of the original and the rewrite heh).
Jason, how do you do that noise thing in Reason? The farthest I've gotten is putting distortion on a tremolo mandolin, haha.

By the way, that song fucking kicks ass.
Utter coolness, really different, sounds really movieic!! Love it. Long? Nah, this sort of music should be long, I mean it ain't gonna go on radio is it????? If i ever become a world class director in horror/utter misery/war films, i'll get hold of u too write the music to it!!!!!

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thx dude
Crit while I listen.

Nice orchestral intro. The strings sound a bit cheesy, but they're okay. Levels are a bit over the top. I'm getting some heavy clipping at low volumes.

I'm waiting for it to build up. so far so good, but too slow... I'm just waiting for more. Is it ever going to start?

Almost 3 minutes into it and I'm just now getting a way too heavy drum hit. My sub is about to blow.

I like the staticy distorted riff in the background... nice little touch.

This seems more like a dirge than anything else I can imagine. Who died?

5 minutes and its still the same. Its put together well, but your mixing and mastering really needs some work. Its clipping like crazy and I have my monitors set flat...plus I've turned the levels down to -15dB and its still clipping like crazy.

Okay... In all honesty... if this were playing in my car while I was driving... I would probably fall asleep and crash into a tree.

Its not a bad song, it just lacks diversity. That's about it in a nutshell. Add something to it... some bad assed heavy metal lead... not speed, just good and nasty.

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Feel free to rip mine apart if you want to. Good or bad... go for it.
Yeah, I like the intro with strings and piano. The weird effect in the background kinda overpowers the other instruments. Damn, this is a long intro... Maybe even too long. Or I'm not sure if it's an intro... Loving the German speaking. Hmm...what's this? More German music?

I waited for something to start happening i.e heavy guitars and fast drums, but this was a nice surprise. Because, the orchestral intros and badly mixed/played guitars are used way too much in metal.

It's a challenging song, which I like. It would be probably best to use it as a last song of an album or something.

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I'll get to your crits when im less stoned :p

Besides that, this type of music im doing, is supose to drone out, be boring, basically something you listen to when you are blazed, or just bored with complecity. Levels don't clip bill was check on a flat response pair of event TR 8, The low end is loud, almost hits 0, but never does (it is limited, and never goes past that point). Over all mixing is basically the bass tones, and undertones are seated left, while the highs cut though though the right (something I've been screwing around with lately).

What i've been trying to acomplish with this project, is something I don't normally do (its usually black metal, is blazing guitars, and **** that just does repeat). The music, I want it to repeat, to the point where it doesn't become music, more of something that is just happening. There is always something hidden in these songs I write for this project, usually my ear will concentrate on that, then what is really happening. Much like before the storm. Granted this song, changes, once.

And bill, try not to hit a tree
Great! Very dark. Be great as an 'after the battle' sequence in something like Braveheart or LOTR. I'm seeing dawn rising, dead bodies and smoke!

I wouldn't add any vocals though.

Great work dude.
Levels don't clip bill was check on a flat response pair of event TR 8

That's funny because I'm listening to it through a pair of Event Studio Precision 8's with an active sub thrown in for good measure.... and it is clipping. Why would I lie about it?
Quote by Bill43
That's funny because I'm listening to it through a pair of Event Studio Precision 8's with an active sub thrown in for good measure.... and it is clipping. Why would I lie about it?

I was thinking about it, maybe its the myspace player? Who really know what that flash app does to the audio.