hey guys, got a decent cover of jack johnson here, did the vocals, guitar, bass, and drums(with a keyboard) myself and i wanna know what you guys think. also, i got 2 other covers there and an original so if you like those too, let me know.

good people- sounded good the singing was pretty good, and the chorus sounded great. The only thing is you should mix the guitar a bit louder and have the drums a bit louder because it sounds a little stale. Overall though it was good and its a great song.

rodeo clowns- a song a personally cover sometimes too, it sounded good. The intro kinda slipt a tad at a point but thats something probably id only notice. The singing and everythin was cool though so rock on.

If you go here theres actually a recording of me just soloing a bit over the rodeo clowns progression http://redsox193.dmusic.com/

could u crit this though https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=406120

Hey man i really liked the backup vocals in the chorus. They made the chorus sound pretty cool. The guitar playing was also very good. I think the intro could have had a little more emotion to it - just my personal opinion. The second time it went back to that riff at like 2:00 i liked it better.

Overall it was great to listen to. The vocals were very good.

Crit for Crit

I don't really have anything bad to say about this... Except that in the chorus, the backup vox are slightly out of sync in parts and it sounds a bit odd. Otherwise, you've done a really good job
hmm. Not bad.
unfortunatly i didn't hear much of the guitar, as it was a lil too quiet.
Vocals were really good though.