At the moment i have a MASSIVE urge to build a pedal and to understand how it all works and the shiz. My problem is that im in the UK and i know of absolutely no websites/stores that sell parts and instructions. Could any of you help me please
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i've got an awesome website for you man! i just ordered from it and they're delvieringf the stuff, it's so damn cheap, cheaper then american prices. http://banzaieffects.com/ - under electronic parts. they've got most things. it is a european site so they're in germany or something but paypal worked fine and you don't get grief from customs.
thanks ill be sure to look into it but for the time being ime hooked on this game where you have to typ the alphabet as fast as you can, i got 5 seconds... ime a nerd

EDIT: as ime a complete noob what is an easy pedal to build and what would i need to build it? thanks
Its Getting Better All The Time
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I heard OD pedals are fairly easy to build. I'm a complete n00b as well but I read this forum a fair bit.
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It looks like a good starting point, considering it has walkthrough instructions and everything. Another easy one is attached. It so small and easy to lay out you could solder it without a circuit board and stick it in a cigarette box to put on your strap - or you could do it properly. If you find a pedal you like with a walkthrough, just make a list of everything you need and find it at "Rapid Electronics". They sell pretty much everything, and if your order's over £30 (which it might be if it's your first one and you need to buy tools) delivery is free!