Hey guys, I have a Laney GH50L and I need to replace the tubes. My problem is this, it can take 5881's, 6L6's, or EL34's. I want a higher output distortion and I was wondering which tubes would be best for this. I have been googling it with no results so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
EL34's break up earlier, but have less gain in the long run.
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i think 5881s and 6L6s are the same thing just different names like 6550s and KT88s.

EL 34s do break up earlier and yes hence have a little less gain but you should get plenty of gain out of them the Bogner Uberschall uses them and it has an assload of gain.

EL 34s are tend to be used on britsh voiced amps and brighter amps while 6L6s tend to be used on darker amps Mesa use them almost exclusively.

Though IMO the best tubes by far are the 6550s and the KT88s own FTW. i think they are just the best all around
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So you want a lot of gain? Since you narrowed it down to 6L6's or 5881's. I would say 6L6's, but also check out KT77's, they're similar to El34's but have a more full-bodied sound.
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i have never heard of KT77s i dont think they exist KT88s now they are awesome
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