I posted a powertab to this song a long time ago and it got some good responses so heres the recording of it, the songs the one called one army although the name might change soon, any feedback would be appreciated and will return all comments, cheers

heyyy i remmeber u from a whille back with all your powertabs and stuff

how did u record? sounds like in a studio, amazing production. song wise, i didnt like up until after the second chorus, a nice breakdown (everyone likes breakdowns), and nice bass lines, and solos and riffs and guitars. good vocals and stuff, but just the first whole part i dont like. the clean part is beautiful, the singer doesnt try and whine, but he sings beuatifully, bit i like i said, i hate the chorus, its nothing i cant hear anywhere else. overall sounds like an atryu type song, which is good if ure going for that
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors


Very very good recording. Awesome intro riff. Love the part around 3:05.

An excelent mix of alternative and metalcore. I love it.

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good recording, only thing i would say is raise the vocals volume a little, but just my personal preferance. Also i thought that the harmony part around 3:00 was cool and good bass riffs in there too.
the recording quality is really good, I like the intro. Personally I'm not a fan of how the singer sings the verse, but that's just me. I prefer the sound of the chorus he sings. I really like the chorus, singing/beat/guitars, it just sounds good. oooh 2:06 something different........nice change, its catchy. drum solo is sweet in there along with the guitars prior. Slowing down now, clean guitar, great singing.....palm muting...I like, good transition between clean and distorted. Up the vocals throughout just a little. I like the sound you guys have. Pretty dang cool. The ending makes me feel like I'm hanging out there, like it just stopped. Dunno why. Anyway, great job! Great guitars, great singer (when he wants to sing rather yell) drums are badass, I like it!

mine - http://www.gotpix.com/forum/posts.php?catID=1&threadID=332&page=14#Bottom
i really liked it, part around 3 00 mark was definently the highlight of the song. i like the KSE-type slow bridge around the 3 40 mark as well. the whole song overall was good.

the ending was a bit sudden and i think around 4 37 the screaming should louder (when the screaming and singing are at the same time)
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Damn... this thing is hitting me right in the chest and smashing my heart against my spine.

Crap... what the hell are you recording through? Everything is so clear and pristine. Absolutely no clipping.. the vox are a hair on the low side and should be brought a little more to the front... but other than that....

I want to know who mixed and mastered this for you??? This is too clean to be home recorded... unless you have mucho dinero. This has to be a studio recording. Tell the tech to bring the vocals a little more out and this would be perfect.
Wow... 2 good ones in one week. We're on a run!

Anyway, the recording quality and kick ass playing gets this one stickied until August 20th.

Pretty decent. I think the singer is a bit weak vocally but he could inprove by singing with more power-also some vocal harmonys are normally in this kind of nu metal (or whatever they call it now!). The drummer also needs to hit with more power-if you get him to hit hard like Dave Grohl it will make all the difference. Recording is ok but its drenched in reverb.

All in all play with more balls and more power-if you heard a folk band smashing their instruments and playing very loud you would think it was misplaced-here its a band suppost to play loud and agressive sounding timid and quiet.
damn that was good,more power and intensity on the vocals i'd say on the first verse. This was great dude

start sending this to labels
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Not my style of music at all but great production and great riffs. As someone near the start said, not my thing but i can recognise this as a good song.

Really well done.
you guys are very talented. I like everything about this song, i didnt hear any flaws at all.
Man, this quality is teh sex. You guys are really good. The guitars sound awesome, the bass drum is a little flat and trebley for my personal taste, but it works! The melodic vocals and harmonies work well. The mixing as mastering is top notch, as Bill said: either you know the right people, you've got a lot of cash, or your signed to a half decent label with money to spend. It's good stuff. You got a MySpazz? Where're you from? If you're in the UK, I know a promoter in the South East who'd probably be interested in putting you on
it pretty cool, im not a fan of the verse vocals, i dont mind screaming, but im not into the whole fast screamin, i prefer it in the bridge bit where the screamins slower, thats pretty cool...

everything seems pretty well mixed, and it does sound like it could of bin done in a studio, but one thing that does kind of get on my nerves is the hi-hat, it seems to tsssy for my liking, but everything else seems cool...

overall its an awesome song, not really my thing at all, but it wouldnt be out of place if i saw a vid for this on tv...i hope thats a compliment for you
wow, didnt expect this to get put as song of the week, cheers Bill haha, and cheers to everyone else whose posted comments, gonna go comment on your songs and stuff now