I am going to put Ernie Ball Power Slinky's (11-48) on my ESP-EX 400 and I was wondering, would I be able to adjust the trus-rod myself, and if so how?, or if you think I even need to adjust the trus.
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you really shouldn't need to adjust the truss, unless you really know what your doing, just don't do it mate.
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yeah dont bother, unless your other strings were very diff. guage, which i doubt they were...
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if you had 9's before and you're planning to stay in the same tuning, then it's possible that you'll have to adjust the truss rod. it may happen that your neck up bows a little too much so that would require you to tighten the truss rod... you can do it yourself (i did), it's not that hard, but you must remember that you have to be very careful and tighten/loosen in small amounts (1/8 of a turn) and wait at least 30 mins before next adjusting because it takes time for a neck to settle. if you have any problems, just ask, and someone here will help, don't do anything unless you know what you're doing, you don't want to break your truss rod...