OK im finding my Floyd rose pro going out of tune a little. After a week or so it will be as much as a half a step off. I had it installed, but when i opened t he back up the plate where the springs hooked up was not changed. IT still has the one that came with the guitar. Could t his be the problem?
Are you stretching your strings properly when you put them on? Or whoever put them, were they stretched before hand?

If they weren't, de-tuning is completely normal... my guess is, if you tune them back up to pitch now, lock down properly and fine tune, they should stay.

If not, try some of the tutorials on http://www.ibanezrules.com/tech/setup/index.htm and read to your hearts content.
You mean he didnt put new springs? or that he uses the old trem block?

that could be a problem if the old springs are overstretched and worn. Also, its wrong for the shop not to give you the whole set of bridge, springs etcs... unless that's your deal...

which guitar are you using for that floyd rose pro?
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Keep in mind that a FR will keep your guitar in tune quite well, after alot of playing the strings will naturally stretch some cause you've been beating on them for a while (even after stretching them when you put them on), especially if your strings are a month old.. Of course going a 1/2 step down is a bit much, iv had a FR for 15 years and its never been that bad. Maby try new springs, or even just adding more springs, if you only have 3, try adding two more, that might help, best thing to do is just take it to a shop and see if they find a problem.