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Yesterday i had an idea. i decided to repaint, and change everything except the body on a johnson fender stratocaster copy. ill keep this page updated with my progress, and if anyone can offer help or suggestions, id really appreciate it.

original guitar

My Idea... ill prolly do the blue one

EDIT: this is so you can see the finished pics without searching through the thread

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nice..ill try and follow the updates .

My first suggestions:

Repaint it dark blue or black.(Havent seen many black strats, would be cool)
Change pickups to dual humbuckers
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^^havent seen many black strats?? how about claptons guitar? its black. and the guitar canter by my house is filled with black strats.
~jacob t.
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^^havent seen many black strats?? how about claptons guitar? its black. and the guitar canter by my house is filled with black strats.
~jacob t.

Im not a clapton fan.

And i dont live by your house lol.

HSH you say?
Black strats look fake IMO unless it hasnt got the standard white P/G pup civers knobs etc

dark blue or dark red, and HSH=versatile very good, any idea on what pups you're going to use?
you definately should go with the HSH and split both humbuckers, then wire the whole thing to a rotary swich so you can have zillions of pickup combos, man that setup will be flexible...
~jacob t.
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you definately should go with the HSH and split both humbuckers, then wire the whole thing to a rotary swich so you can have zillions of pickup combos, man that setup will be flexible...
~jacob t.

thats my idea... would a push pull pot work?somebody said to use that
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dont use a gibson PAF...overpriced and sound tinny......SD alnico II's are really nice.
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well i just painted it... had a few runs so im gonna redo it tomorow. i hate painting lol. im doing the blue btw.

EDIT: what about an SD SH-4 JB in the bridge, Dimarzio DP116 HS-2 in middle, and a Dimarzio DP158 Evolution in the neck? ive heeard the evo is good for lead so i wanna put one in the neck, but would a fender noiseless pickup or whatever be better then the DP116 in the middle? and are there any other suggestions for the bridge?
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no, the DiMarzio's better, I just got one and it sound great, very strat like and handles distortion really good I love its clean more tha its dist though xD, have you seen the Tone Zone? (DiMarzio also) for the bridge position, I think thats an awsome pickup

Edit: I meant for the middle pickup the HS-2

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haha, just seeing that colour reminds me, you should've done a tinted white (almost vintage-esque) with a torti p-guard, that would have looked amazing.
i was just thinking about the neck... mine just doesnt feel right you know? the cheapest ones ive found were $119.95 on stewmac. is there some way to.. i dunno, fix the neck? or should i just buy that one. id rather not spend $120 for a neck when the whole guitar was $95 originally
i personally would go with a mabey a, dark green? or dark blue? jsut a color that wont make it look too "stock" you want it to look a bit custom, esque. but still have the good, old-schoolness of a normal strat... so heres what I would do...

*sand it all down
*paint it dark blue or green
*put either a regular white pickguard, or a Tourtus (how ever the hell you spell it) shell pickguard on it
*white knobs
*HSS or HSH pick-ups
*and paint the head stock the same color as the guitar body
*put all chrome tuning pegs and bridge etc.
*play the hell out of it
ive already painted it, im not changing the color... good idea though lol.

how does a push pul pot work? would you put it in the place of a volume or control knob and it do that, but you could switch it kind of like a stomp box switch? and what would this switch control? does anybody know where i can find a wiring diagram for an HSH setup with plenty of pickup settings? i would like B, BM, BMN, MN, N, and if possible BN, and only using one coil in the humbuckers, B,BM,BMN,MN,N, like a strat would be. i know this is a lot of wiring to do, but hey i want this guitar to be awesome
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a push pull can be used as a normal pot, however, it is also a swtich, so when pulled out it can activate a completely different corcuit, this is how you can get coil tap etc.
yeah, a humbucker is made up of two single coils stuck together basically, and when you coil tap, you are only using one of the coils, so you get a pretty damn near perfect single sound (although there is a very slight difference but not really noticeable) you can only coiltap a 4 lead humbucker though.
thats correct. there is usually a green and a white wire taped together and soldered.

Unsolder the green and the white and connected to the push/pull pot (dont ask me were idk) then one way is hum and onway is single!!!!
so im guessing you run the pickups through the push pot, then to the 5 way switch? and when i do the push pot itll be like a regular strat right?

EDIT: how do i tell if its a 4 lead humbucker before i buy it?
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alright, well yesterday i took the guitar apart, sanded it with 260 grit sandpaper, and put on a first coat

today has been rather rainy so ill wait for a better day to put on some more coats. hopefully i can order all my parts on friday or saturday... i might have to wait a week to get the money for the pickups, maybe not.
i was just tihnking... should i spend the 300 dollars to fix this up, or should i get a peavey valveking amp. im starting to worry that if i put all that money in, it might still sound bad becuase of the original neck and body. im not sure what wood there made off but im hoping its alder. i dunno im really worried about it now though
I say just repaint it...a new amp is more important than upgrading your guitar. You can get the nicest guitar possible and run it through a ****ty amp, and guess what!? It will sound like a ****ty amp. You can run a ****ty guitar through a nice amp and it can sound absolutely awesome.
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well even though it looks like this info is useless now, whatever

most aftermarket humbuckers are 4 conductor
i believe with duncans or dimarzios, youll be fine
if not, you can use pink's CRAZY pickup thread, on wax potting and changing 2 conductors to 4

also i got a question
if you have a high output pickup that breaks up even when amp is clean, since the output is technically half, will the single coil have a clean tone?
"what are good intermediate classic rock covers?"
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not sure about that^

but if you dont want to spend a lot of money on this, but you do want to make it sound better, look into GFS pups, theyre cheap and a lot of people on here really like them. you should be able to get a 4 wire humbucker from there, i know that stephbets bought one from there and she said it was really nice. and if you want a cheap neck search ebay maybe?
sweet i got the price from 300 to 160. muuuuch better. do any of you know if these pickups are good? or can someone find a set on there better for me? thanks alot for the help guys

EDIT: i just bought my parts, the total was $154.88. thanks alot for that website. why do pickups cost so much? there just plastic with some magnets and wire on em lol
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god i hate clearcoat. i painted the guitar perfectly today, but when i tryed to put clear coat on the paint "buckled" as my dad said. it looked like it was crinkly, like if you ball up paper and then try to make it straight again. am i doing something wrong or what? maybe i shouldnt use the clearcoat
sorry for the quadruple post lol but it isnt really near the top anyways so it doesnt matter

while i was staring at my "ok" paintjob, my bro walked in and pointed out many flaws in my finish. he told me that he was painting part of a bucket truck (family business, my dad owns it) and if i wanted he could paint the guitar too. the bad part is its candy apple red, not blue. the really really good, is that hell be using professional paint equipment and itll look much better. i personally would rather have a killer paintjob in a color i didnt pick then a sub par job in my choice of color. besides, reds not bad lol.

he said hell paint it tomorow... when i get it back ill put up some pics. for anyone whos still following thanks for reading, and for anyone who has given advice or help, thanks even more
yay! carshop paint job, my uncle owns a carspray business so ill get him to paint my guitar when eventually get round to building it. I'm into pedals right now, and candy apple red rules!
yea i saw your thread about the pedal your building, thats pretty sweet. after i do this i might try to build somethng, ive always been interested in it. where do you get your schematics and parts at?
#36 is a pretty good place for layouts etc. otherwise, check the stickey for building theres some sites in there i think, if not, ask again in here and ill post some
yeah, it cost around £12 for all the parts except the enclosure so maybe £15 in the end, but can be cone cheaper in the US probably, and if you have no experience with electronics, i hate to be stereotypical, but go for a booster or a fuzz/OD/distortion, if you have electronics experience then go for something midrange like a comp like i have
i need a new OD anyways, ill look into building one

ok this is how the guitar might look after painting now

now i need to decide if i should take the pickup covers off or not. i think i should, but ill have to clean off the wa, and paint it white to match everything. ive had trouble with painting so far so im tihnking ill keep the covers
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