ok, so i bought a jackson slsmg for $550 off ebay. its a good guitar but im dissapointed in the bridge. so i was on ebay and this guy was selling a Washburn Dime V Pro. everything new. still had tags and all that. it has the stop piece bridge that i like and the owner said he would trade. it has a dimebucker stock. sounds good but is it worth it?


ya i made that mistake when i bought the slsmg. but the washburn has the same bridge as my ltd and i love it. so i was thinking it couldnt be that different. and if it is i could set it up so it wasnt.
yes, It could be alot different. Go down to your local shop(s) look for the Washburn and try it out before you buy it off the internet
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Defenitaly don't buy it, i would NEVER buy a guitar off e-bay, go down to a guitar store and try some out.
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