what would a typical practice session for someone who's priorities include playing live, improvising, and recording on occasion include?
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Well, I really don't know about recording, but I would think for all those you'd have to at first go over scales, maybe some finger exercises, then you probably go over the songs you need to play and record( Use metronome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), then probably do some improvising. If you're with a band you just play your songs in the band, then jam. It probably varys, but I'm guessing something around those lines...
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yeah a decent practice schedule would consist of a couple hours a day just by yourself, as a band i would recommend playing the song 'til you can consistently play whatever song you are doing (be it an original or a cover) virtually note for note (no ones perfect, but you know you need to be able to do the song well enough so that if you make a screw up live its virtually unnoticeable) however recording is a different thing, if you're paying for your recording time then you want to have the song down note for note everytime you play it, so that you could play it in your sleep (time is money and no one wants to have to record the same bit 100 times and pay for that 100 times when you could have done it in the 4th or 5th take) if you have home recording then it's not so strict but having to do the same piece 100 times can still be a bit frustrating (trust me, after about take #10 it starts to become torture and less like something enjoyable, especially if you screw up at the very end of the song and have to go back through it all the way again)