Great? okay? Horrible?
I've heard a lot of mixed reviews, esp. in concern to his live performances. What do yall think? I'm going to see him in concert in a couple of weeks, and would like to know what I should expect. Thanx
ben harper is great. Amzing singer/songwriter, and always fun to see live.

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Ben Harper is a great musician and entertainer, you will not have buyers remorse.
i saw him supporting chilis last month and he was pretty good although i thought that it kinda dragged while he was on and the whole playing guitar sat down thing wasnt really that good XD
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i think ben harper is an amazing artist!! he was playing at the Oxegen festival, was ragin i missed him, but i hadda see Chilies and he was doin his set at the same time in the green room tent!
diamonds on the inside is one of my favorite songs to play on my acoustic..ben harper is a very talented guy
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The only artist better than Ben Harper is Neil Young, thats how good Ben is.
i saw him support the chilli's at sheffield in july
he was on after "!!!" (who were abismal)
he was amazing brilliant sound and loved the lap steel thing