Whats up, i recorded this today.. its pretty different just because I recorded it only with acustic and electric guitars. I know my vocals suck, but this song would be SOO boring without them. I threw in an intro, give it a listen. The solo's way longer at the end as well.


yeah **** i forgot to pick a genre, its on there now. I messed up on a few lyrics during the verse just cause i was reading them and recording at the same time lol
This is a cool original cover of the song, if the vocals were an octive higher it would be even better (but its easier to say that then to actually do it), but I still dig the lower octive,... kinda sounds more like a rap tune, and the acoustic verse type strumming you got going is cool. Good job peaceful
Check out my cover of 'outside' if u get the chance, its a live take just me and my gui- tar
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hey cool im digging the intro
also its funny when you do the backing vocals
you shouldve got someone with higher voice to go those extra octaves for the backing ahhhhhhhhhhh ah ahhhhhhhhhhh...part
but i love the cover anyway
and i thpught the extended solo over the acoustic rythm was very mellow..
overall 9/10
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hey thanks for the comments guys, and I tried to sing the harmonies an octave higher, just sorta sounded like a llama being thrown in a big blender, so i decided to stick with my range
I'd leave out the backing vocals all together. I didn't sound like you were singing during the chorus. The rhythm guitar was nice but wasn't very tight with the lead guitar.

did you know the major scale on a piano, starting at whatever note (lets say E). you just go straight up the white keys without hitting a black one. and you got the major scale.

very good would be better with a electric though and some drums and bass but yes very good much better than me
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very good would be better with a electric though and some drums and bass but yes very good much better than me

well there lays the problem, you record an acustic, then you had to do the lead over it.. and well tbh its very difficult to hear that when your trying to record the elctric.. so yeah you get off a little bit, i was practically using my head to get the chord changes right.

Appreciate all the comments guys, and yeah I wish I did the backup vocals better now that i listen to it over and over again, i dunno i thought they'd fit better.