allright i need help putting together a setlist. i don't know what order to put the songs in. these are the songs we're doing:

Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne
I Caught Fire - The Used
Move Along - All American Rejects
Last Resort - Papa Roach
Broken - 12 Stones
I Hate Everything About You - 3 Days Grace
Bitter End - Sum 41
Crazy Train - Ozzy
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Hell Song - Sum 41
Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC

and could someone give me advice on how your setlist should be arranged? thanks.

what ages ar you playing too?

if older rock some AC/DC or Ozzy

if younger go 3DG or my personal fav. 12 stones(if u start with that i would listen)
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how bout if i go: Broken, Last Resort, I Hate Everything About You, Hell Song, I Caught Fire, Stacy's Mom, Move Along, Enter Sandman, Crazy Train, Bitter End, and Shook Me All Night Long? what would you think of this lineup?
Let's see, You dont want to be all over the place and make a fool of your self, like if you went from metallica to fountains of wayne, that would be dumb.
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well what if i put the hell song before enter sandman that way it can kinda pick it up for enter sandman, but not too much?