OK so I've jsut started guitar and I know some basic chords and I figured that I should start with the major scale, I know the whole interval pattern of it but when it comes t actually playing it I find it hard

Does it have fixed shapes that are moveable along the neck like some other scales ive seen?

this is the A major scale. If you use this pattern you can move this anywhere.

EX. A# major scale would start on low E string 6th fret, and go to 8 and so on. Everything would go up 1 fret.
it depends on which scale. Penatonic scale would be

yeah pretty much all of them can be moved. all of these scales though are pretty unneeded, i mean if you ask the average guitar player if he can play an A major diminished scale in Locrian mode, i'm pretty sure he wouldn't be able to. I wouldn't anyway haha. If i were you i'd stick with the more popular, like the major, minor, penatonic, blues, stuff like that.
i thought that they were just the major scale since thats what the heading said, this is very confusing. do you know where I can get a picture of the regular
major scale shapes
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should i jsut learn the 1 pattern for each scale?

Seeing as the one pattern can be moved around depending on the Key, then yes, it's possible to get away with just using one pattern.

However, it would benefit you a great deal to learn them all.

It might be useful to learn a different pattern for each Key of the Major scale. Then you can move them all around depending on what key your in.

Hope that makes sense.
yeh thats does thanks I looked on cyber fret but I cant find the other shapes for the major . Any help?
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yeh thats does thanks I looked on cyber fret but I cant find the other shapes for the major . Any help?

Just go to the link guitarrkid posted.