Hey guys,

It's my birthday in a month and I'm getting better at guitar.. I'm starting to actively want to improve (Had a big empty period recently)

I've currently got an Ibanez SA120, and a Vintage.. I don't know. Says "MetalXX" on it. I hate it. It's got a floating (Floyd Rose copy) bridge.

So yeah.. I'm wildly in love with the ESP EX-400. I can get one for £600.

However, I like to play Dream Theater stuff, and a couple of their songs use 7-string. Now.. I don't know anything about 7-string guitars. But Ibanez do a nice-looking one (Aesthetics are important) here:


Is that good? I don't really know **that** much, and I want to make an informed decision this time. My first two guitars were big mistakes.

I can get that Ibanez for like £280.. thing is, I love the EMG 81/60 sound. So I could also get them.

So, basically..

1. Can I put those EMG's in a 7-string(n00by? I don't know, ok?)
2. Is that Ibanez particularly bad?
3. Would the Ibanez+EMG's be better than the ESP?

If you feel like reccommending other guitars, feel free.. but I do like black, and I have a thing against Shecter. Sorry. I don't like that shape of them. Heh.

Help would be much appreciated!
My name is Marc! Silly username.