I just started playing the guitar about 2 years ago. I'm looking to find a magazine to expand my knowledge about playing, and about guitars in general (pickups, amps, models).

Can anyone recommend anything? I'm not really looking to read about guitarists so much as I am about techniques, tips, guitar parts, etc.

Guitar Technique or Guitar Player.

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Total guitar has really good tabs with cd backing. They do a lot of product reviews every month as well. Guitar techniques is brilliant for in depth lessons too.
Guitar One or Guitar World are the big ones, but Guitar One has more emphasis on learning techniques than Guitar World, which is bigger on interviews, columns, etc. Both magazines run for $10 Cdn if you aren't subscribed, which is a fair bit more than Guitar Player, but GW and G1 are bigger, and come with play-along cds. They are the better bet I would say.

As one more plus, G1 and GW both come with 5 or 6 fully transcibed songs every month, which is 5 or 6 more than Guitar Player comes with.

Personally, I buy a copy of GW AND G1 every month, and it has helped my playing monumentally.

Good luck finding what you need.
Guitar one is probably the best, i think guitar world is more for entertainment, guitar one has a lot of lessons.
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I wouldn't recommend it for learning, but Guitar World is the only guitar magazine I subscribe to. Most of is band articles so if you're looking to learn, try Guitar One.