hey all. ive been playing guitar for almost three years and ive had about 6 months of lessons, all when i began. i quit because i lost motivation, but now that im more experienced from self-instruction, i want to take lessons again. good idea?
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...to be honest, we tried so many different weird positions I can't remember exactly the set up...
Alot of people take lessons.
But I honestly don't recommend it.

If at all possible you should teach yourself w/e you wanna know.
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you should deff take lessons but try to take private so your teacher will focus on exactly what you want to learn. good luck
I recommend them.

You learn a lot by lessons, you have someone to ask specific questions too (and not just us random guys at UG) and the whole thing will be structured. A good teacher knows what a pupil wants to learn and will learn him that thing. He also motivates the pupil and, most important of all, if he's a great teacher, he'll be more of a mentor than a teacher.
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I would definatly take lessons if i were you, i dont know where i'd be right now if i didn't have lessons. Just try to find a teacher that'll teach you what you want.
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Yeah, private lessons should help. Your teacher focuses on you and you only, so they can help you more in depth.
definately, i've been playing for 11 years, all self taught and although i consider myself pretty good i'd still like to take lessons cuz i know there is so much more to learn.
Well in my opinion I suggest them definately. IF i didn't take lessons I would probably learn very little compared to what i learn at my lessons. SOmetimes im dissapointed with some stuff that i learn because sometimes it isn't my liking. But this helps me get an understanding of all aspects of music so I feel you should get somes lessons.

hmm well if you can get a awesome teacher like I did where at 1 1/2years of playing I was asked to play at gigs and play at pretty popular churches then its worth taking lessons cause awesome teachers teach you how to be awesome lol but if you get a good to mediocore teacher ... your better of self taught. Cause recently the awesome guitar teacher I was reffering to left for a full time producing job and I had to find a new teacher which I have now found but hes not awesome and I find myself learning at the same pace I did when I picked up my guitar every other week just to learn a new song.
Yeah take lessons i took lessons at 1st like you but lost motivation but then after i had been playin 4 another 2 years i started with a good teacher and taught me what i wanted to know.
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Anyone who says "Don't take lessons" is deluding themselves, to the highest order.
My view is that alot of people dont like to take lessons for fear of loosing any individual technique. I fall into this class aswell so what i did is take pue music theory lessons but not applied to any instrument. Just learning the concepts of modes, harmony, chords scales etc. and then apply this theory to your guitar yourself. You get the best of both worlds because learning the physical technique of pleying guitar is quite simple in your head it just takes alot of practice. Alot of the hard work is learning theory.

So to sum up take pure theory lessons or theory applied to piano and then apply this to your guitar by developing your own techniques.
even if you get a dick teacher who doesnt let you learn what you and a all he teaches you is classical technique you should tak lessons. you can apply those techniques to w/e you want to play. or may find that you enjoy classical.
what about me i mean ive been playing for 8 months and know how to play the seek and destroy and harvester of sorrow and welcome to the jungle all three with solos
and another thing can a teacher teach me just the elemnts of speed metal or do i have to go through all the theory?
and if i dont get a teacher can i learn by myself just by learning more and more complicated songs?
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sure you can get technically better but you won't have any knowledge.

Well said, like I said I learn alot of stuff i don't really want to learn. But in the long run you'll pick up alot of things on the way.

E.g if your a real metal head, all you wanna do is learn metal but at lessons they tend to teach you other stuff such as blues which gives you a better guitar 'vocabulary'
It depends, I took lessons when I started for about 6 months but, what I found is that since I have been playing piano for the past ten years I already knew the technical side of it and what I didn't was very easy to figure out. So, the lessons were amazingly boring because my teacher decided to assume no matter what I said about my past musical experience that I knew nothing just because at the time I didn't have the correct motor skills for guitar developed.

Also I'd say that my teacher was the rule not the exception they're used to treating beginners this way. but, I'm just rambling my point is if your self motivated enough and know enough theory I'd recommend learning yourself. If you're not very motivated or really are a bare bones beginner I'd recommend lessons because otherwise you'll be totally overwhelmed and probably just give up sooner or later.
ive noticed that a lot of my friends who took lessons know more about guitar and **** but self taught people were technicly better
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and is it good that the fact that after 8 months i know how to play harvester of sorrow and seek and destroy all full?
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how do you find a teacher who will teach private lessons?
almost at any music place there are people to teach you privately
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...to be honest, we tried so many different weird positions I can't remember exactly the set up...
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alot of great guitarists have never taken lessons slash and yngwie malmsteen are self taught players and they're great gutarists

And there are lots of great guitarists who took lessons from teachers.
Because I think it's important, I'll add my 'yes' to the list of them already.

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hey all. ive been playing guitar for almost three years and ive had about 6 months of lessons, all when i began. i quit because i lost motivation, but now that im more experienced from self-instruction, i want to take lessons again. good idea?

maybe lessons aren't such a good idea, maybe u shud just carry on as you are, if you have lessons, they might be teaching you in a way you're not used to learning
I also recommend you not get lessons.

Seriously, if you are getting better by teaching yourself, keep doing it.

Some of you may have hear or 'read' this before but if you want to play the way YOU want to... Then self teach. Create your own style. If you get lessons you will pretty much learn the teacher's style. Which may kind of screw you up if you were playing a bit different than the teacher is going to teach.

But that's just me.

Do what you feel is right... But I recommend not.