Later on in the year I'm planning on building my own guitar from scratch. I live on a farm and my school has a big shop so I'm not worried about not having the right tools, and I'm decently experienced in woodworking, and my dad is really good to.

But I'm wondering how much this would cost, I'm planning on making a metal guitar, and I haven't quite decided on the shape yet *suggestions would be sweet*. I was thinking V, RR, or maybe something like that razorback that was made for Zakk Wylde, the V crossed with an SG.

So I want:
- a mahogany body with either a mahogany or maple neck (which would be better?) and an ebony fingerboard
- Emg pickups (81/85)
-Kahler Trem (what one does King and Hanneman use? Btw, how is it?)
-Maybe decent tuners (Gotoh, Schaller, whatever)
-And then just everything else thats necessary

But how much (just estimating) would all of this cost in total?

PS- To make a set neck or neck through, with the set neck, is it basically just glued onto it? And is it possible for me to put on a flame or quilted maple top?
Depending on the quality of most things, it can differ very very much. For a good quarter-sawn piece of mahogany it can cost u a LOT, or you could settle for something you find on ebay for around 30-50 bucks. Its all in your taste. My estimate (dont write this down, its just a guess) around 300-500 bucks.

really though, how do you go about builing a set neck/neck through, I don't want a bolt on
a neck through you just take the neck, which extends all the way through the body, and then glue 2 peices of wood onto the sides of it.

I'm not sure about set necks, though...
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