Bah, you think I would be smarter than posting something in the completely wrong part of a forum, I go to plenty of forums as it is. Oh well, I'll post this one song that I just finished. If anyone says it's not in key or anything then go ahead, I don't know anything at all about music theory and I can't tell keys, I just write the stuff that comes to my head. Again, comments/criticism appreciated.

[EDIT] - Attached a ZIP instead, and added the Guitar Pro file. Originally I put it into a MIDI because I'm afraid of posting the tabs on any forums because someone could steal my work, but I highly doubt that would happen here so nevermind :P
Song 5 part 2.zip
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You needed to post the type of song... like Midi. I went ahead and took care of it for you this time. Try not to forget it next time.

Dude, I thought that was amazing! I loved everything about it, it reminds me of Dream Theater quite a lot.

I really liked all the lead parts apart from the one about 7 mins in, i think that could be better.

I do, however, have one major complaint... it's a midi file! record it with a guitar, i really want to hear it
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i'd like to crit this because you critted mine but the file host thingy wont work for me. You should upload a zip folder with the midi in it instead.
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Originally I put it into a MIDI because I'm afraid of posting the tabs on any forums because someone could steal my work, but I highly doubt that would happen here so nevermind :P

I've never seen or heard of anyone stealing anyone else's work here... they may play it, but if they do steal it, then they would be in a world of trouble here and anywhere else they may try to post your work.... so you can rest assured that you shouldn't ever have any problems like that.

We have had people who have tried to post someone else's music here... that they copied from another site, but it only took a couple of days before they were found out and they were beaten to a pulp.

loved it.

the bass lines really compliment the lead lines
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i loved it 2 very chill intro and mood......the bass was amazing....i also loved the lead from measure 83 and on
Wow. This was some really good stuff. At first I was confused, like what kind of song is this, but then I realized it wasn't your typical, everyday genre. I loved everything about this song: the lead, the rhythym, and the bass, as someone has said, complimented the guitars. Also, at times there would be a part where it sounds like music for a video game, like in measures 51-54, which I really liked.

Nothing wrong with this to me, I loved it all. Great work.
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You don't anything about theory? WTF!? Then how was it so good. I thought the key changes were on purpose! Yeah it was awesome. Have you ever played Chrono Trigger? The riffs like the one starting in bar 198 sounding like a soundtrack from the game. 9.5/10.