right im getting a new amp. It will be my second, (my first being a piece of crap bb blaster) i play music by bands such as Metallica, SOAD, Jimmy Eat World, ACDC, Alkaline Trio, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Taking Back Sunday, etc so i'll need a quite versitile amp, but i havent got much money to spend, i dont gig at the moment i dont know if i ever will, so i was looking at maybe 30watt, i am getting anew guitar pretty soon probably the Epiphone G400 SG:

i was thinkin about possibly a Roland Cube 30 or a Vox 30 cos theyre both £139 and thats about the highest i can afford having just left school and about to become a student (student = broke, lol) so any suggestions?
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try them both out and stop making stupid threads.

gotta hand to him...he's right...btw i got a cube 30 n it's pretty cool n versatile
Both are good choices, but you're going to have to try them both out in store. Modeling amps are probably the most versatile amps you're going to find that are solid state, but the Vox I think has 1 tube in it for the preamp so you might get a bit of a better sound from it. Cube has a really good reputation. The effects will probably keep you occupied if you're not gigging and the size is good for bedroom but if you ever start playing in a band you'll wish you had a 50/60 watt to be heard over your drummer. I haven't tested a Cube but I played a Vox AD50 the other day and now I'm buying it, I really liked it. Hope this helped
u, uterus, are a prick, **** off if u dont want to offer any knowledge on my decision, i cant try them out because i dont have access to them because my nearest shop is like 150 miles away so i have to order online u ballroot
I just got the Roland Cube 30 today and, damn it's sweet. Tone wise, it's clean is fine but it's the distortion is where it's at. Great for metal. It's got a few effects, and you can change between clean / distortion via pedal which is always nice. It has less modelling features on it than the Vox.

My mate has the Vox 30, and it sounds brilliant as well. Just kind of different. It's more versatile I must admit than the Roland Cube 30, and has more range of cool (but some useless) effects which is always fun. I find the Vox not as good for heavier music as the Roland.... But it can still handle it.

I think the Vox would be more suitated to you mate
Id say the Vox too. And uterus- go **** yourself. All he wanted was some advice.
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I think the Vox would be more suitated to you mate

Thanks man, its lookin likely to be the vox then
I think Vox and Roland post audio clips of the amps on their websites, check them out though they'll probably sound a lot better than what you can play =P


Vox AD series:

Roland Cube 30:

I also suggest a Cube 30X, couple of new features that look pretty useful, check it out
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