though he is merely a child
he kills dead as a man
with the innocence of youth
he holds death in his hand

like a river, the blood flows
soiling the hot dessert floor
in rejoice he runs back home
puts another mark on his door

call it colateral damage,
call it what you will
breath steady, sqeeze heavy
another boy soldier killed

i see my brothers bodies
their dignity dragged away
smell the stripes in the smoke
and hope to fight another day

i hear those voices from home
screams, stabbing me in the back
i do my duty, lay down my life
and support is all i ask
awesome...i really liked this song.....there is very good imagery in these lyrics, really like the political story, i believe this was some what influenced by some political events along with the ovious wars.....just awesome man....rewally dig the song....if you can, check what my new song called "seven years"
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