Can anyone suggest a good sounding phaser that doesn't cost too much and that is quite flexible in its tones. I wanted to try and create some atmospheric, sweeping incubus-like sounds.

Any suggestions apreciated


ps price range anything up to 60 quid
If you can afford them:
MXR Phase 90
Electro Harmonix Small Stone
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I like the ones gabe listed also i like the Boss PH-2and the Maxon phaser is awesome
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Definitely the MXR Phase 90, no questions asked. Has a very organic sound and i love mine, not to mention its the one most used in mike einziger from incubus's setup
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i love the mxr phase 90. dont waste money on the EVH version either, because you can easily mod it to get script sound. and im pretty sure you could mod it to have a switch to go between script and block sounds if you wanted to. its a good phaser and isnt very expensive.
I believe there's a new script version of the mxr phase 90, which is based on the older circuit i presume. If you can, take a look at that. Script version's are much better than block logo, as the components are better quality. Also, the EVH Phase 90 has a script - logo button that allows you to alter between the 2, although i don't really think it sounds quite like a real script phase 90.
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