Anyone have any experience with the Schecter Tempest custom or Tempest blackjack? I've been looking at getting a new electric and I really like the look of these things, of course I'll try them out before I buy, but I still wanted to see what those of you who have played it have to say about it. I play a wide variety of music from stuff like snow patrol to classic rock to stuff like underoath and thrice, etc...can this thing handle all that ok?

This brings me to my next question, I need a decent amp as well to upgrade from my current starter piece of crap. What would be my best bet for a decent tube amp in the $300 range? I'm thinking of looking for a used one as well to get a better deal on it.
ive been looking around for a tempest blackjack for a while, but ive never found one.
Th Schetcer Tempest is a safe bet for a guitar. Unless you are buying online, though, be sure to play it first, to make sure you are comfortable with it.

As far as the amp goes, you cant get a tube amp that has more than 5W for 300$
Ok, didn't realize the amps were so expensive, thanks bullet. I guess scratch the tube amp then and just any type of amp for around $300 that is decent and i'll be able to jam with some friends and still be able to cut through and be audible.
for $350, get a Vox AD30VT. just raise your amp budget just a little bit and it will be worth it...trust me
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