Hi guys.
I used to write quite alot of lyrics and I was content with most of them but recently I've had a bit of a block and my whole perspective about lyrics has changed. Now i hate my lyrics if they are too emotionally obvious, but at the same time I dislike them if they are too abstract. I seem to write better when im intoxicated on some drug which is kinda annoying me.

In a bit of a rut, and I don't even know really why I'm posting here, was wondering if any body else shares/shared my problem, as I've looked at some of the tips and they really don't seem to help me.

I don't understand the point of this? We can't help you not write crappy, if you think you do, then you need to fix it yourself. Also, I don't know if your post belongs anywhere, but it definitely doesn't here.
Yeah post in the tips thread or something. But I know what you mean. I tend to have this for a long period of time, then one day I start to get inspiration and I just have to do what I can with the potential I have in that time. It really sucks, but Im not really sure what else to do. You probly wont be in a writers block too long though.